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ExpiWell is an integrated platform for building, scheduling and tracking surveys across mobile devices.

Insights to survey data

Analyze and compare responses and data, collect photos and videos, and download your data as a spreadsheet compatible with Excel and other software packages like SPSS and SAS.

Mobile Apps

Free downloads of sleek mobile apps on iOS and Android for participants to track their projects and progress. Enable communication with researchers.

Simple project management

Create multiple surveys within Experience Capture projects. View insights, schedule, and activate your projects with total control.

Build innovative surveys with ease

Choose from different question types. Create survey flow, randomize questions, and question groups. Collect photo, video, voice data from participants. All in a simple, visual interface.

Flexible Scheduling and Automated Notifications

Schedule surveys based on calendar dates or when each participant uniquely starts. Automatically sends notifications to participants to start surveys. Set automated reminders to participants who have not started surveys after a specified time. Open and close surveys based on specified timeslots. Visualize your scheduling with calendars.

Track notifications and survey data

Real-time tracking of outgoing notifications and incoming responses through our response log. Determine response rates for participants. Send additional notification reminders to participants who missed a survey via the notification functionality. Find out why they missed their survey.

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