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Employee Well-being in the Hospitality Industry

Real-time, real-world data about the well-being of hotel employees allowed researchers to open the door to revolutionary insights in the hospitality industry.

Executive Summary

With the goal of being at the cutting edge of their field, Ms. Xiaolin (Crystal) Shi and Dr. Susan Gordon from Purdue University’s School of Hospitality & Tourism Management set out to investigate the dynamic nature of employee well-being in the hospitality industry. They wanted to better explain how hotel job demands and job resources impact employees' daily subjective well-being and turnover intention. To accurately capture daily thoughts and emotions of hotel employees, experience sampling methodology was the obvious approach to take. However, given the hotel industry’s around-the-clock nature and employees’ variable work schedules, static web-based surveys were not a feasible solution and introduced significant challenges to collecting real-time, real-world data. Shi and Gordon needed a platform that could (a) send question prompts at multiple intervals throughout the day, (b) provide an intuitive and easy way for employees to share responses in the moment, and (c) streamline all data collection into one single dataset. They found it all in ExpiWell.

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